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Florida Okinawa Seidokan Karate

Old School Self-Protection
and Life Skills

        Adult Karate

Teens and Adults Two-Person Training Drills

Ages: 13 and up

Monday and Wednesday 6pm

Duration 1 Hour

The Teen and Adult Martial Art program is designed around the Classical Karate of Okinawa Japan that was the original Mixed Martial Art in all of its facets.  As a system of self-protection it is very aggressive and complete.  Students in this class will get a great physical work out and learn an authentic martial art of Okinawa Japan, Okinawa Seidokan.  

What Teens and Adults can expect:

  • Okinawa Boxing Tactics (Ti'Gwa)
  • Kickboxing Tactics
  • Weapons capturing and Controls
  • Grappling (Tuide)
  • Take-downs
  • Submissions
  • Self-Protection
  • Empty Hand Forms (Karate Kata)
  • Weapons Forms (Kobudo Kata)
  • Weapons Tactics and Strategies

Note: This Teen and Adult Martial Arts program will include graduated and controlled contact levels.  Students at the Merritt Island School will work up to combative levels and at some point personal protective equipment will be required.   The instructor will let you know when this needs to happen. 

Progression in this program is achieved by key points in the curriculum at each grade level.  Graduation is marked with the appropriate belt and certificate awarded.  The advanced certificates from this program are dully certified by the instructor and the federation in Okinawa, Japan.  Certificates for all black belt grades come directly from our headquarters in Japan and are dully certified by the Ryukoku Seidokan Karate Kobudo Federation and the Okinawa Seidokan Karate Kobudo Federation

Teen and Adult Martial Art students should be patient and focus on the tasks put before them.  With hard work and a spirit of effort each progressive step will come in time.  There are 10 grades of colored belt and 10 degrees of black belt.  Students meeting all requirements and of the age minimum of 16 are eligible for First Degree Black Belt.  We have a lot of fun and represent our style well, but we take the awarding of a black belt to mean something very deep and accomplished.  Black Belts are earned and not given.  The goal is the accomplished knowledge along the way.  Enjoy the journey.

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