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Florida Okinawa Seidokan Karate

Old School Self-Protection
and Life Skills

Family Karate Program

Age: 6 - Adult
Monday & Wednesday 5pm-6:30pm
1 Hour 30 Minute Class

This program teaches the Okinawan style of Karate taught to youth in the Okinawa Seidokan System.  Okinawa Seidokan is a old classical form of Karate taught and  founded by Shian Toma 10th Degree Black Belt and carries on today through his many students who trained at the cradle of Karate, Okinawa Japan. 

What to Expect:

Youth and parents entering into this program will work very hard.  The curriculum  is challenging both physically and mentally but is self paced and can start at any time.  Kids growing up, in our Family Karate class, will become more disciplined, show respect, more courteous, learn goal setting, and do much better in school.  The greatest benefit, aside from self-protection skills, is a developing mind prepared for life's challenges.  This is what we achieve - Winners at Life!

The Family Karate Program will include:
  • Okinawa Take-Down Submission Wrestling (Tegumi)
  • Empty Hand and Foot Fighting (Ti-Gwa/Atemi)
  • Self-Protection (Basic and Intermediate Karate Tuide and Tegumi)
  • Traditional and Classical weapons training (Kobudo)
  • Modern Weapons Training (Stick Concepts)
  • Classical Empty Hand Forms (Karate Kata)

Parents today have very few activities they can bond with their children over.  This class provides a wholesome family activity that can be shared for decades in our lives.  Parents will partner-up with their kids sometimes and other adults their own size.  This is to vary the training and allow students to understand how to make the techniques work against various size opponents.  It also lends to parents continuing practice karate at home and not just in the dojo. 

Progression in the Family Karate Program is marked by achieving the rank requirements and marked by the appropriate belt.  Progression in rank will require hard work and dedication and is not given freely just for attendance but the accomplishment of key elements identified in a written curriculum.  To maintain the integrity of what a black belt means, our Karate program does not award black belts to anyone under the age of 16.  Becoming a Black Belt is just getting the foundation set.  A good analogy would be up to 1st Degree Black Belt is just graduating high school.  2nd Degree Black Belt and on is college level to getting your masters degree one day. 

Our goal is to make a person of good character who can apply themselves to winning at life and pursue karate for life becoming an instructor themselves one day.